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Ground, stabilize and release

Releasing tensions in the front of the body whilst cultivating patience & stability for the year ahead.

This week, we will be focusing on the EARTH element; cultivating patience, thoughtfulness & stability for the year ahead. Physically, we will be releasing tensions in the front part of the body, including the belly, hip flexors & quads. The classes are therefore particularly useful for runners and people with digestive troubles.

Traditionally, the Chinese tell us there are five elements that make up the universe and everything in it: Fire; Earth; Metal; Water; and Wood. Each of these elements are connected to a pair of ‘major meridians’ which are the channels our energy (or ‘qi’) runs through.

As well as stretching, compressing & twisting the body, Yin Yoga is a way of stimulating qi. A regulated, smooth flow of qi within the meridians means a healthy, balanced you, so this month we are focusing on not only the physical element of yoga, but how we can encourage this energy flow to help us become strong in body and mind.

Watch this video for for a simple explanation on the Five elements from ancient Chinese tradition, medicine and philosophy.

Visit my Facebook events for this week's EARTH yoga classes in Swansea & Cardiff

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