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Cultivate happiness & inner peace and ignite your fire

As well as stretching, compressing & twisting the body, yoga (particularly Yin) is a way of stimulating energy or ‘qi’. A regulated, smooth flow of qi within the body means a healthy, balanced you, so over the next month we will be focusing on not only the physical element of yoga, but how we can encourage this energy flow to help us become strong in body and mind.

Traditionally, the Chinese tell us there are five elements that make up the universe and everything in it: Fire; Earth; Metal; Water; and Wood. Each of these elements are connected to a pair of ‘major meridians’ which are the channels our qi runs through.

Over the next five weeks, we will be looking at one element per class, stimulating the associated meridians to encourage a regulated, smooth flow of energy. This week, we will be concentrating on the FIRE element, focusing on arms, shoulders and chest which is where we find its meridians. Fire qualities include nourishment, happiness & inner peace, so let’s work on cultivating a positive, forward-looking attitude both on and off the yoga mat, and get the new year off to a fantastic start.

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