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Get moooving with this week's #5minsofyin

Go on, take a wee break for five minutes of Yin Yoga. This week’s pose is great for arms, shoulders and opening up the chest and it’s called…

To get in

- Sit in a comfortable / upright position

- Bend the right arm and with the elbow pointing (relatively) up towards the ceiling, place your palm somewhere on the upper back / between the shoulder-blades

- Bend the left arm and with the elbow pointing (relatively) down towards the floor, place the back of your hand somewhere on the mid/lower back

- Bring the hands towards each other to the point you feel a stretch in either or both arms

- Repeat to the other side

Where we want to feel this

An opening in the chest & front shoulders, and the inside and outside top arms.


🐮 If your shoulders don’t feel right (a pinching in the front for instance), play with the position of the arms i.e. move the elbows more up or down.

🐮 Your natural stopping point may involve holding fingers or hands, but don’t push if isn’t! If you’re almost there, then an option is to use a strap or scarf. Try looping it round your wrists rather than tugging on it though, as that activates the muscles too much. 🐮 If two arms are too much just do one. 🐮 Lying on your back might help you relax into this a bit more (hands flat on your back obvs).⁣


  • Don’t try to look like me in the pose & use the picture as a general guide. It’s fine if you look completely different - we ARE different!⁣

  • Don’t push or activate the muscles - allow yourself to relax into the pose.⁣ We want to feel the body working, but WE DON’T WANT IT TO HURT.

  • If something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t, so adjust the pose or come out completely.⁣ Come out of the pose if you have had enough and lie down.⁣

What is #5minsofyin anyway?

Every Friday, I introduce a Yin Yoga pose here for you to try out over the weekend. All you need to do is move into the shape using my instructions, relax the muscles & aim to stay still for 3-5 minutes.

For all the poses in the series so far, check Instagram or Facebook.


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