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Yin Yoga in Swansea, the UK
Release tension & calm the mind


Yin Yoga is not about building up sweat or getting a ‘yoga body’. It is for anyone and everyone, particularly those who want to step out of their stressful lives, slow down and simply be with what is.

The long, passive poses in these sessions give you time to listen to your body, releasing tension and calming your mind. The deep stretch also penetrates the connective tissue in areas so many of us have problems with, such as the back and hips, helping them become stronger.

These classes are suitable for all levels including beginners, and are particularly useful for anyone suffering from tension, stress or sleep issues.

The sessions are £7 each or £25 for a four-week block. You can pay via Paypal or transfer into my account. You can also sign up via Facebook or Eventbrite.  Contact me for my account details or if you just want to talk more about the classes.

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