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Working the spine - free Yin Yoga audio session

The focus of this session is on backs, stretching the muscles and the connective tissue of the spine through forward folds, then compressing them through backbends. This reverses the hunched posture that we quite often find ourselves in, particularly when we're inside and sitting a lot. A natural reaction for many of us against stress can also be to tense up the shoulders, so this class is great if you have any problems with your back or if you have bad posture.

The first two poses will be variations of Butterfly, one backwards with your elbows on the floor, and one forwards like this:

Poses 3 & 4 will be Swan and Sleeping Swan. In Swan, your legs will be the same but your hands will be on the floor so that there is a backbend.

Please remember that these images are how I look in the poses. You may look quite different after adjusting your body using my suggestions, and that is completely fine!

The props you might want for this session are a blanket and something to sit on such as a cushion or pillow. If you have blocks, then these are always useful.

You can listen to the session here on YouTube. If you would like it either as a downloadable file or without the background sound of birds, then please email me at

Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels

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