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Twisty Yin Yoga - free audio class

Spring is said to be a time of cleansing and rejuvenation, and twists are a wonderful way of doing just that. We say in the yoga world that twisting and turning the body can really help the detoxification process. We do this in particular by encouraging the rush of fresh blood, including fresh oxygen and nutrients, to the digestive organs.

Twists are also great for releasing and rejuvenating the spine, stretching the many, many muscles there and making space between the vertebrae.

Please note that these two poses will be varied a little, so that they are more of a twist. We will also finish the session with a reclined twist, and I will give you (as always) adjustments so you can adapt it to suit your body.

The props you might want for this session are a blanket and something to sit on such as a cushion or pillow. If you have blocks, then these are always useful.

You can listen to the session here on YouTube. If you would like it either as a downloadable file or without the background sound of birds, then please email me at

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