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The Good Things in Life - Yin Yoga audio class

“Gratefulness is a powerful example of rest, relaxation and giving your body time to repair.”

Being thankful

Gratitude has a surprising power in that it can make us feel immediately happier and more optimistic. There are always going to be things around us that are challenging, upsetting or painful, but it can actually be really helpful to spend even just a few moments remembering the good stuff. Let’s be honest, it’s often so easy to forget, and we have a terrible tendency to spend way too much time and attention on the negative.

Audio class

With this is in mind, this Yin Yoga audio session is all about being thankful for what we have, getting in touch with these feelings in relation to ourselves and the people around us, and simply trying to bring a bit of positivity & optimism to life.

The class starts with three Yin poses and ends with a meditation on gratitude. Our poses are particularly focused on opening up the heart area, which is emotionally, energetically or perhaps simply symbolically where appreciation emanates from. We will also be stimulating the energy that flows through the meridians connected to the heart.


Find audio session on YouTube or Insight Timer


Poses & Props

Please note this image is a seated version of Cowface arms, and in the audio you will be lying down with your legs in Butterfly.

For props, you may want a blanket, blocks (or books) and a bolster (or pillows/cushions).


Find audio session on YouTube or Insight Timer


I provide these sessions for free, but you can support my work by becoming my patron or donating via Paypal.

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