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NEW AUDIO CLASS Use breath & body as your anchor

Breathwork has always been a key element of yoga; moving with the breath being something that makes the practice ‘yoga’ and not gymnastics.

Breathing can help us come into our experience in a similar way to a mindfulness practice. This is because the breath is always with us, consequently helping us anchor to the present moment. Slowing down the breath can also be useful in activating the rest and digest element of the nervous system, bringing the blood pressure down and encouraging a sense of calm.

In this audio session, we use pranayama to stimulate our prana/qi/energy. This ancient practice involves regulating or 'freeing' the breath and assisting the flow of energy within ourselves. We will use the techniques to quieten the breath and still the mind, then take them into our poses to help us be with our experience.

This session also includes an introduction to Yin Yoga, including how to get the best from it and be safe in the practice (ends 2:46).


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