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Letting go with Yin Yoga - Free audio session

"We know the world only through the window of our mind.

When our mind is noisy, the world is as well.

And when our mind is peaceful, the world is too.

Knowing our minds is just as important as trying to change the world."

- Haemin Sunim

The focus of this class is on letting go, encouraging this often difficult quality within ourselves from an energetic standpoint.

The session is focused on the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck, so besides releasing any tension we will also be stimulating the energy flow in these areas. These energies, according to the ideas of traditional Chinese medicine, are related to letting go of your attachments rather than having particular expectations. So instead of clinging on to what you would like your experience to be, you simply allow it to be as it is.

Here are the poses we will be using:

The props you may need are:

  • A Sock (for Eagle Arms)

  • Blocks / thick books x2 of the same height

  • A blanket

You can listen to the session here on YouTube. If you would like it either as a downloadable file or without the background sound of birds, then please email me at

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