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LATEST FREE AUDIO CLASS! Yin Yoga: The quiet, mindful practice

In Yin Yoga, we stay in poses for quite significant periods of time, aiming for relative stillness in both a physical and mental sense. The practice is therefore a great opportunity to start being mindful; preparing our bodies for the sitting itself, but also in allowing the thoughts to become calm and the mind to settle.

We can also use our yoga practice to really focus on what's happening, by paying attention to our experience and consequently bringing ourselves into the present moment. Thoughts will inevitably come to mind but rather than pushing them away, we can allow them to be there without latching on to them.

Here are the poses we will be using in this class.

Pose 1: Sphinx / Seal

Pose 2: Eye of the Needle

Whilst I do not have an image of the pose, you can look at the image online. Here, for example.

Pose 3: Butterfly

Please remember that these images are how I look in the poses. You may look quite different after adjusting your body using my suggestions, and that is completely fine!

The props you might want for this session are a blanket and something to raise yourself up with if necessary such as blocks, books or cushions.

You can listen to the session here on YouTube. If you would like it either as a downloadable file or without the background sound of birds, then please email me at

Please note that I do provide these sessions for free, but if you would like to support me in creating great audio classes for you to enjoy at home, then please consider becoming my patron via Patreon.

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