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Free audio class: Yin Yoga for when you are feeling down

This session is for those times that you feel sad, or are grieving.

This might be related to the loss of someone special to you, or perhaps a different type of loss. Many of us feel low during the Winter months for example, when that lack of light and heat really starts to become difficult. Alternatively, you might feel like you need to grieve for something, cleansing what is no longer needed in your life in order to move on.

Image by Grae Dickason from Pixabay

The idea of this class is therefore to stimulate the 'Metal' energy that might be blocked or imbalanced within us, resulting in emotions that are imbalanced and inappropriate themselves. This could be connected to feelings of sadness, loss or grief, and through Yin Yoga and the ideas of traditional Chinese Medicine we try to encourage a 'letting go' of these states.

In a physical sense, we will also be stressing the deep connective tissue of the upper back, shoulders & arms, and opening up the chest. So as well as getting the qi moving, we are also releasing potentially long-held patterns of stress and tension so commonly found in these areas.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Find my audio session here on YouTube.



Finger Stretch

Wrist Stretch - No image


Anahatasana Alternative: Wall Anahatasana



As always, you may want a blanket, blocks (or books) and a bolster (or pillows/cushions).


Find my audio session here on YouTube.


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