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FREE AUDIO CLASS: Regain health, energy & equilibrium with Yin & Restorative Yoga

In this special audio session, we’ll be combining Yin and Restorative Yoga with the aim of restoring health, energy & equilibrium.

It may also be useful for anyone who needs a bit of an immunity boost - if you have a cold or feel like one is coming on for example - as we’ll have a particular focus on the area of the torso where you find the respiratory system, bringing more energy there and encouraging optimal functioning.

Socks and I taking in the health, energy & equilibrium benefits of an online yoga class

I’ll also be explaining a bit more about these two forms of yoga as they often get confused. By using this and your own experience, you’ll be able to feel the differences and similarities for yourself, enabling you to choose in the future which one is more useful for you in specific circumstances.

As you know, props are always useful in Yin Yoga to help you adjust your body and get the best out of a pose without any pain. In Restorative Yoga, they tend to be used a lot (particularly for relaxation which is a key element of the practice) so gather blankets, blocks, bolsters, cushions around you in case you need them. We’ll also be starting against the wall, so please make sure you have enough space for this as well.

This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Find audio session here on YouTube.



Legs up the wall

Wall Eye of the Needle


Reclined Butterfly

Reclined Twist 1: With bent knees

Reclined Twist 2: Twisted Roots


I provide these sessions for free, but you can support my work by becoming my patron or donating via Paypal.


Find audio session here on YouTube.

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