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Do you run, cycle or walk a lot?

The repetitive, rhythmic movement from running, cycling and other 'legs' sports can shorten certain muscle groups and their surrounding connective tissue. This can potentially make them tighter, less stable and ultimately leave you open to injury.

In this sequence, we use the still, long-held stretches of a Yin form of exercise - namely Yin Yoga - to counter-balance your repetitive, active 'Yang' movements. We safely stress key areas such as the legs, hips and back for the cyclists and runners amongst you. We also work on relieving tension in and around overworked muscles, as well as releasing fascia and lubricating the joints so they work more efficiently.

Finally, we also practice a breathing exercise both before and during our practice that can help improve lung capacity and regulate the breath.


Want to try Yin Yoga with me?

Check out my online, audio, video and in person classes here.


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