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Bring balance to your life with my free audio class

In many parts of the world, Asia in particular, it is believed that health can be optimized by balance. Rather than opposites working against each other, they work together for equilibrium - being active but getting enough rest for example, or having community yet still being at peace in solitude.

This short yin yoga session is about helping you bring balance into your life. We will start with a breathing exercise to harmonize the two sides of the brain, then move on to our physical poses working the front, back and sides of the body:

Please note that in Dragonfly, you will have the hands on the floor behind you rather than in front. This variation is called 'Extended Dragonfly'.

The props you might want for this session are a blanket and something to sit on such as a cushion or pillow.

You can listen to the session with background sound or without background sound via Soundcloud.

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