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Audio class - Yin Yoga for your Hips & Legs

This class has been designed for two reasons: First, for those of you who walk or run a lot, it can bring balance to that repetitive, rhythmic motion in the legs. Here, we stretch out the areas that can get tense or tight, particularly the hips, hamstrings and quads.

Secondly, the session can be helpful for anyone who sits or stands for long periods of time. The deep connective tissue in hips, legs and backs has a tendency to get stuck in patterns of tension, and Yin Yoga can be great for encouraging the body to move out of those patterns and back into what nature intended.


1. Toe Squat

This pose stretches the toes and sole of the feet and for this session, will be done against the wall, one foot at a time.

2. Dangling

3. Deer

4. Square

These poses will be done first to the right side, then the left.


As always, you may want a blanket, blocks (or books) and a bolster (or pillows/cushions).

Find Yin Yoga for your Hips & Legs here on YouTube.

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