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New audio session - The still, small voice of Yin (A short but sweet Yin Yoga class)

In this session we review the main principles of Yin Yoga: playing your edge; relaxing the muscles; and staying still for time.

Please note that the amount of time I’ve given for each pose is longer than usual (five minutes), so make sure to back off, come out or move into an alternative asana if your body asks you to. Don’t ignore it - it's talking to you for a reason!

Whether you’re new to the practice or been doing it for a while, it’s always useful to go back to basics every now and then. It can, if you let it, remind you of how to get the most out of your experience rather than just powering on on automatic pilot. Perhaps what we should all be doing more of in general, no?


Initial pose:

Alternative pose:

Initial pose:

Alternative pose:


As always, you may want a blanket, blocks (or books) and a bolster (or pillows/cushions).

Find audio session 'The still, small voice of Yin (A short but sweet Yin Yoga class)' here on YouTube.

Enjoy, dear yogis!

V x

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