Online workshops

My Yin Yoga workshops allow you to gain a more in-depth experience in both body and mind.


The sessions are an opportunity to delve deeper into your practice, and include elements of meditation, pranayama and the 'meridian theory' of Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to the physical element of Yin.


As they are held via Zoom, the experience is just as interactive as an in-person class. This means that I am better able to make suggestions based on what you tell me, and what I can see. You therefore get a more personalised experience, and can take these suggestions into your independent practice to really get the best out of your yoga. 

The sessions cost £8 for 90 minutes, or are free for my patrons, and I usually hold them on Sundays. Please email me at for details on how to sign up.


To find out more about upcoming workshops, check my Facebook events or Eventbrite page.